We have been working hard in Room 8 the last two weeks, practicing our singing with the Year 2 Team and making crafts to give to a residents at West Harbour Gardens.  We have made two Xmas cards, a pet rock- the students decided if they would like to make a ladybug, bumble bee or a turtle. And a Christmas Angel. 

We have been working on place value in Maths and I can see improvements in the students knowledge and understanding of place value. Please ask them to show you some of their place value knowledge. Hopefully in the coming week we will make a Place value Monster that we can share with you all :) 

During our gym session with Room 5, we have been practicing our soccer skills, passing the ball, stopping the ball, kicking the ball from foot to foot with control. We have been playing sideline soccer where a number of students up to 10 are in the pitch at a time trying to work as a team to score a goal. This last Friday we played outside using the new soccer goals. 

What a great start to Term 4!

All students have come back ready to go for out last busy term. This term our inquiry focus is 'nurturing nature' we are looking into how we can hep our environment, what causes our environment to become damaged and how we can help.

We have a trip to West Harbour Gardens Residential care comping up, for this we have started practicing  singing songs we will sing to the residents. It is a lovely trip and nice to give back to local community.

Thank you so much to all of you who brought some food for our shared lunch on Thursday. The kids loved it and there was so much food! It was an awesome way to celebrate earning 3000 whole class Dojo points, they have been working so hard to earn them!

Wow end of Term 3!

This term has flown by, some highlights from this term would be Our assembly, Corbans Art Trip and Granparents/Whanau morning.

Below are links to some things Room 8 has been involved in: - Y2 GATE Group - Y2 Assembly - Y2 Corbans Art Trip  - Y2 Folk Dacing - Y@ Robotics - Y2 Kahottz Group

Have a wonderful and safe holidays, cant wait to hear all the fun stories next term :)

Thank you to all those who came to Granparents/Whanau morning, I hoped you all enjoyed yourselves. I was very proud of all my students, their dancing was amazing, all their practiced paid off! I hope you enjoyed seeing their learning in our classroom, particularly their books they had made about themselves. They worked very hard to make them and put a lot of thought and design into them. Here are some photos from the day, I will email you all other photos I have within the next week :)

We shared their books they made with Room 5 on Thursday, each students sharing with a member from the other class. It was so lovely to see them explaining what they had put in their book and why it was special to them. Each students gave a compliment to their sharing buddy, it was awesome to see students using kind words!

One more week left of Term 3, it has flown by. School will end at 2:15pm next Friday (28th)
It has been a busy few week in Room 8! 
We had a lot of fun at Corbans Art Centre, the students designed and created seven beautiful rocks about things that are special of their life. I hope they have shared these with you and they are put somewhere lovely in your homes :) 

Room 8 celebrated earning 2000 whole class Dojo points! They chose to have some choosing time as well as we all baked a cupcake linking into our fractions knowledge. All students were so happy and enjoyed baking, icing and decorating their cupcakes, so many sprinkles! 

We are practicing Folk Dancing in the Year 2 Team, I hope they are telling you all about it and possibly showing you some moves! This is practicing for Grandparents day on Friday the 21st of September. If grandparents can't make it and someone else from your family or a special person in their lives would like to come, please come along and watch their folk dancing and see their learning!
We have had some awesome learning and extra circular activities going on this term! 
Cross country was a great day, thank goodness the sun held out! It was nice to see all students giving the run a go and running the whole way, they should be very proud of themselves. 

We are going to Corbans Art center next week on Thursday (23rd August) I am looking forward to seeing the students create some form of art, it should be a great learning experience. If you need another permission slip, please let me know and I will give you a form so your child can come :) 

We have our assembly next Friday the 24th, this week we have been practicing sing the song 'This is Me' and learning our dance. They are doing really well and try hard to learn the lyrics and the dance moves. Each students has a speaking part, I have sent home with them there speaking piece so they can practice at home. We hope you can make it to our assembly, if you would like to come assembly will start around 2pm on the 2…
I hope you all are having a great break and well rested holidays! 
Term Two was a fantastic term full of fun and some awesome learning and experiences! Tip Top being a major highlight, I think myself and Room 8 students will remember it fro a long time!. 
We all enjoyed our science topic this term and being able to be scientists and create and make experiments. I am looking forward to next terms inquiry topic Culture.
Below are some moments from Term 2 :) 
Looking froward to seeing you all back on Monday 23rd July!